FULLY LEASED (Unavailable)

Breed: Haflinger

Sex: Mare

Height: 14.2 hands 

Disciplines: Western and English

Sports: Trail riding, extreme trail course, team penning and sorting cattle, goat roping, mounted shooting, 4-H & open fun shows, jumping. 

Freyja is our resident sassy haffie. She has done guided trail rides, lessons, fun shows, extreme trail competition, cattle events, therapy riding, jumping, and has carried flags in parades for veteran events and presented flags at rodeo opening ceremonies. She has gone just about everywhere and done everything with us! She has a fire to her and is great for kids or adults. 

FAQ's About Volunteering

​​Horse Experience​
Q: Must I have horse experience to be a volunteer?
A: Absolutely not! Most camp counselor positions require no horse experience at all. You can even assist us if you are afraid of these gentle giants and want to help our program without having any exposure to horses at all. We teach you everything you need to know about handling the horses and interacting with campers.

Q: I have lots of horse experience and want to be directly involved with the horses. How can I help?
A: YES! We have lots of positions for summer day camp counselors to get horses ready for the day, handle during riding sessions, and to do lots of camp activities. We also have volunteers who help  maintain the horses by feeding, stall cleaning, and basic health care. 

Time Commitment
Q: Is there a minimum time commitment? What times am I expected to attend?
A: You will be required to attend camp weeks 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday. You do not have to be a counselor all 7 weeks of day camp, but we do ask that you only sign up for the weeks you know you can for sure attend. We also understand that illness and emergencies pop up and that you give us plenty of heads up if you wont be attending for a day you signed up for. Since most counselors are age 13-17, we understand that a 4pm pick up time is not always feasible so counselors are allowed to stay later if their ride cannot get them on time.

Service Groups
Q: I am part of a volunteer/ youth/ faith-based/ school/etc. service group. Can  we be of assistance?

A: Absolutely! We have groups who come for a one-time service project and those who come regularly. We welcome them all. Just contact us to find out how we can fit your group into our schedule.

Next Steps
Q: What is my next step to be a camp counselor?
A: If you are 13 years or older and you are interested in assisting with our summer day camp, attendance at the two-hour orientation and training session is required. If you are interested in manual work or fundraisers please contact us to find out how to get started. In either case, your next step is to fill out the Application Form or by telephone at ​(952)451-7300 to express your interest.

We have need of a team of volunteers to help everything work smoothly during summer camp. We use volunteers to run our horse riding classes, volunteers for doing horse chores, and volunteers who assist in doing crafts during camp, all to keep us in clean working order. While volunteers do a great service to the programs, we like to think that it helps the volunteers themselves as well because Camp Counselors will gain excellent experience working around horses; our volunteer program is designed as a teaching/learning opportunity for riding, horse training, groundwork, medical care, etc. Camp Counselors receive a FREE riding lesson during their week of camp and occasionally get to ride the horses or take trail rides in the afternoon before they are put away. While you will likely learn basic horse care while volunteering, if you are interested in further riding lessons, we also offer educational training programs for expanding your equine education.

If you do not have the experience required to volunteer (yet!), we offer educational training programs and camps!
If you’d like to volunteer for summer day camp, you must attend our Camp Counselor Orientations. Pre-registration is required

Our facility itself is pretty self-sufficient as far as horse care, so we don't have a need for people to work with or exercise the horses; You will be expected to arrive before camp starts (8am), feed horses, have them tied up and ready to go before campers arrive, and to assist with your group's activities during the day. Each week of camp will be split into 3 groups (based on confidence and experience level) and you will stay with the same group all week long. 

Camp Dates to sign up for:

Counselors preferably will attend all nine weeks of camp but are only required to let us know in advance which weeks they will FOR SURE be working. 

June 10-14

June 17-21

June 24-28

July 8-12

July 22-26

July 29- August 2

August 5-9

August 12-16

August 19-23

Basic Camp Counselor Requirements:

  • A signed volunteer application and waiver from a parent or guardian is required or volunteers under 18 years of age.

  • Counselors must be at least 13 years of age to volunteer without a parent or guardian. 

  • Children younger than 13 are required to volunteer with a parent or guardian on-site. There is an exception granted for youth groups! School classes, 4-H clubs, Girl and Boy Scout Troops, etc. may volunteer as long as an adult coordinator supervising.

  • Companies, organizations and clubs can schedule specific days/weeks to volunteer.

Volunteer Positions:

Horse Day Camp Counselors: Age 16+ Counselors must be prepared to learn how to be successful leaders and positive role models. Counselors spend their entire day with a group of campers, and are responsible for assisting during riding lessons, horsemanship activities, equine science, crafts, as well as other challenging horse related activities. Counselors are responsible for supervising the same group of campers all week and leading them to and from their scheduled activities. You will be required to attend camp weeks 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday. You do not have to be a counselor all 7 weeks of day camp, but we do ask that you only sign up for the weeks you know you can for sure attend.

Horse Day Camp Jr. Counselors: Age 13-15 Junior Counselors assist with all daily camp activities wherever they are needed and get to learn how to be fully fledged camp counselors. You will be required to attend camp weeks 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday. You do not have to be a counselor all 7 weeks of day camp, but we do ask that you only sign up for the weeks you know you can for sure attend.

Riding Counselor: THEE has several Riding Counselors to work with our campers, and requires that these counselors have a strong horseback riding background. Riding counselors should be comfortable enough with their own riding abilities, to be able to effectively teach campers basic as well as more advanced riding skills and techniques. Our riding program offers 40 minute lessons to campers of all ages, and incorporates horsemanship, gymkhana events, and other riding activities as part of our horseback riding curriculum. Experience teaching riding lessons and creating beginner to advanced lesson plans is helpful but not required.

Ranch Feeder: Assist our caretakers at the facility with caring for our herd of horses. General animal experience and a passed skills test we provide is necessary, as this is a suitable job for able bodied people who have drive and are good at time management. We have training programs for those interested but have no experience!

Stable Assistant: Make sure our hardworking horses and staff have a safe, healthy, clean and comfortable home in which to work. Experience is preferred, but not required; this is a suitable job for able bodied people who have drive and are good at time management​. We have training programs for those interested but have no experience!

Horse Handler: Maintain the althleticism of the horses that are capable of being used and be able to assess their skills and desire to work. Experience is necessary, and all applicants are required to pass an equine knowledge and skills test. The thoroughbred horses are retired athletes, who are still competitive and highly skilled, and all are not transitioned to riding for pleasure or other sports. We do not offer public riding, riding lessons, or allow any of our volunteers to ride the horses. We have a few professional trainers who exercise the horses and we occasionally allow high level trainers to use our horses in other sports that the horses enjoy. We are currently FULL on horse handler positions, which require extensive horse experience. 

Camp Counselor Volunteers