There is Help for you! ~

Our philosophy is to work our horses the way nature intended; we help our horses understand that the scary things they are seeing can be dealt with, and instill a confidence and long lasting trust between horse and rider. We provide a variety of enrichment options. We also work closely with the owner to develop an appropriate training plan for each horse, as we understand and accept that each animal listens and learns differently.  

Get involved with us!~

Just about every single weekend during the warm months we are either camping with our horses or going to horse shows. We take training horses with on all of these trips and invite the owner to participate so they can learn their with their horse in a positive and helpful environment.  

We can all use a little... More~

Sometimes when you ride, you find there is something lacking in the relationship between you and your horse. You wonder if there is something you can do to help your horse gain some more knowledge, confidence, or training... Supplemental training or refreshers can be an option for horse owners who have hit the end of their rope, so to speak. 

Equine Enrichment