1 Hour Trail Ride $40 per person
2 Hour Trail Ride $80 ​ per person

4 Hour Trail Ride $140 per person
~ You may be riding with other people you have not met before; it can be a good opportunity to meet new people and have fun with horses! ~

1 Hour, 2 person Private Trail Ride $85
~You will only be riding with the trail guides and the person you bring with. This is a good option for friends, dates and romantic getaways!~

Book an appointment with True Heart Equine using SetMore
Book an appointment with True Heart Equine using SetMore

You'll find here at True Heart Equine Enrichment, we do trail riding differently. 

Instead of throwing beginners up on horses and expecting them to hang on by whatever means necessary, we empower riders to understand the mechanics of horseback riding and pursue forward progress in their equine education while having fun, regardless if they chose to come back or not (but we hope they do!). Our experienced trail guides are excellent and safe equestrians who are well trained to instruct even the most timid of rider. 

Our horses have their own unique personality, and are used by students to go to competitions- so they do not just follow the horse in front of them (which, lets be honest, doesn't sound like much fun anyway!). You will be instructed how to walk on, steer, and stop before we hit the trails!

If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to ride, we let our trail riders go at the speed they are comfortable with and make sure you are always comfortable, correct, and confident during your entire ride!

What do you need to know? ~

  • We start everyone off with instructions or a refresher! This can take up to 30 minutes, so if you wish to be on the trail longer, we recommend a full 2 hour ride. 

  • Plan ahead!  We are a private facility and reservations are required.  We do not accept walk-ins; If you don't receive a confirmation email, we are not expecting you!

  • You will always be meeting us at a trail head at the park. Make sure you have received a verification text or email on the exact location you will be meeting your trail guide. 

  • When you make your reservations, make sure that the times/date work for everyone in your party.

  • Make sure you have the right clothing and things you want to bring with you. As a rule, you should layer your clothes. *Sandals are never acceptable around horses and you will unfortunately not be allowed to ride if you do not have closed toe and heel shoes. ​*

  • There is a weight limit of 280 lbs.  Be honest, you can hurt the horse you ride if you really weigh more.

  • We allow riders age 3 and up. Smaller or more timid children might ride with or be led by a trail guide but  will never be riding behind a parent; We have your and your child's safety in mind at all times. 

  • Helmets:​ ALL MINORS (Individuals under the age of 18) MUST WEAR PROTECTIVE HEADWEAR PROVIDED BY THEE OR YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES WHILE RIDING HORSES ON THE PREMISES. Any helmet not provided by us needs be specifically for horseback riding and needs be ASTM/SEI Certified… BIKE HELMETS ARE NOT RIDING HELMETS AND ARE NOT ALLOWED FOR USE- Thank you!

  • Since are tours are private and are booked according to a mutual schedule,  we do not offer refunds. A credit or gift certificate may be provided should there be some reason why you did not complete your scheduled ride/ lesson. If the weather is bad you will receive a rain check to reschedule your ride.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late you may forfeit some or all of your ride.  Always give yourself extra time in order to get ready for the ride, check in and perhaps give yourself some time to familiarize yourself with your horse.  We think it's very important for you to bond with your horse. 

  • Ask the reservation desk what the particular rules are that apply when making your reservation.

Guided Trail Rides



FULLY LEASED (Unavailable)

Breed: Haflinger

Sex: Mare

Height: 14.2 hands 

Disciplines: Western and English

Sports: Trail riding, extreme trail course, team penning and sorting cattle, goat roping, mounted shooting, 4-H & open fun shows, jumping. 

Freyja is our resident sassy haffie. She has done guided trail rides, lessons, fun shows, extreme trail competition, cattle events, therapy riding, jumping, and has carried flags in parades for veteran events and presented flags at rodeo opening ceremonies. She has gone just about everywhere and done everything with us! She has a fire to her and is great for kids or adults.