Location & Parking

  • Wear clothes that are weather-appropriate and comfortable to ride horses in. Jeans, Long shorts, and sweat pants are acceptable. PLEASE NO SHORTS! 

  • Footwear: Riding boots are desired but not required. What's required is closed-toe and heel shoes; NO SANDALS whatsoever (unfortunately you will not be allowed to ride or even enter the arena with sandals); Tennis Shoes or Muck boots will also work.  

  • Helmets:​ ALL MINORS (Individuals under the age of 18) MUST WEAR PROTECTIVE HEADWEAR PROVIDED BY THEE OR YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES WHILE RIDING HORSES ON THE PREMISES. Any helmet not provided by us needs be specifically for horseback riding and needs be ASTM/SEI Certified… BIKE HELMETS ARE NOT RIDING HELMETS AND ARE NOT ALLOWED FOR USE- Thank you!

1. Anyone in or near the barn must sign a waiver.

2. Always wear closed toed shoes around the barn or the horses. You will not be allowed in the arena without.

3. Please act calmly around the horses. No irresponsible behavior will be tolerated. This includes:  

  • No climbing on fences or gates;  
  •  No Running;
  • No boisterous playing around the horses; 
  • No Yelling. 

4. Children and extra guests must be supervised by an adult at all times.  

5. All gates and stall doors must be locked and secured. 
If you have trouble locking a gate or stall door, please notify someone for help.  

6. All minors (under 18 years of age) and beginner students (walk/trot lesson riders) MUST ride with a helmet at all times; no exceptions.  

7. Always turn off lights when you are done.  

8. Never tied horses by the bit. This is very dangerous and not tolerated; Halters, tied downs, and collars are acceptable for tying horses. Always place reins over the horse’s neck and/or secure them while the horse is tied.  

9. Report any injuries or repairs needed for the barn to the stable management.  


11. Do not use True Heart Equine’s or any other boarders tack without specific permission. 

12. ASK FIRST if you borrow anything (tack, brushes, barn equipment/tools, etc) and put items back where they belong.  

13. Do not tack up your horse outside at a vehicle or in the pasture. Use a post to tack up horses when possible.  

14. Always ride with a cell phone and add to your contacts KELEE WARREN 952-451-7300.

15. Respect our neighbors’ property by riding on field edges and riding in a respectful manner.  

16. No smoking in the barn. Smoking allowed in designated smoking areas only and use of receptacles for waste. Anyone smoking must smoke outside the barn and all cigarette butts thrown away.  

17. Do not feed, ride, or handle a horse without specific permission from the Owner, Stable, or a boarder.  

18. Last person in the barn at night must check that gates and stalls are latched, turn off the lights, and close all barn doors or gates.

  • YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MEETING AT A TRAIL HEAD; NOT OUR BARN! Make sure you have received the confirmation email on the exact location you will be meeting your trail guide. 
  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for your ride; We may still be out on the trail with other clients or getting ready. 

  • There is a weight limit of 280 lbs.  Be honest, you can hurt the horse you ride if you really weigh more.

  • We allow riders age 3 and up. Smaller or more timid children might ride with or be led by a trail guide but  will never be riding behind a parent; We have your and your child's safety in mind at all times. 

  • Since are tours are private and are booked according to a mutual schedule,  we do not offer refunds. A credit or gift certificate may be provided should there be some reason why you did not complete your scheduled ride/ lesson. If the weather is bad you will receive a rain check to reschedule your ride.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late you may forfeit some or all of your ride.  Always give yourself extra time in order to get ready for the ride, check in and perhaps give yourself some time to familiarize yourself with your horse.  We think it's very important for you to bond with your horse.

Barn Rules


  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for your ride; There may be other riders in the arena who are still doing their lesson.

  • All riders AND guests must have a signed liability waiver. Also BEFORE bringing guests, please MAKE THEM AWARE OF BARN RULES!

  • We do not cancel for rain or storms unless there is a weather alert. You WILL be notified for all cancellations so please always plan on coming to ride in our indoor arena no matter the weather.

  • For riding lessons, please remain behind the gate and keep talking to a minimum & quietly; it’s tempting to call out instructions to your child while they ride but unless the instructor asks for your help, we ask you please remain quiet to empower your child to learn on their own terms.

  • Children AND GUESTS must be supervised at all times; No running, screaming, loud noises or horseplay at the barn, and siblings/guests must be in view of student parent AT ALL TIMES. We ask that siblings also do not bring toys or other distractions.

  • If you are late for your lesson, the lesson will still end at the scheduled time. If it is a group lesson, the session will commence as planned and you will need to get your horse ready and mount up yourself in order to catch up. 

  • Listen to your trainers and follow their instruction. Riders who do not follow the specific direction of their instructor will be asked to dismount immediately. This is for your safety, the safety of others, and the horse’s well-being. 
  • Our address is 602 Tharp Rd SW, Cedar Rapids, IAPlease make sure to read the street numbers, as it is the SECOND driveway from the corner.

  • Enter the driveway and pull all the way past the house, through the open gate and up to the barn. 

Guided Trail Rides

What to Wear

Policies & FAQ

Riding Lessons


  • Cash or Card is accepted. Credit/debit cards are processed with an additional $3 PER RIDER fee.

  • No rides can be booked less than 24 hrs in advance

  • We enforce a strict 24-hour cancellation policy on packages. Any student who fails to attend a lesson without at least 48-hours’ notice is considered a “no show” and will be charged the full price.

  • We do not issue refunds; ride credit only.

  • We do not ride the horses in temperatures below 10 degrees or above 100 degrees. You will be notified if the barn is closed due to inclement weather conditions. In extreme weather conditions (blizzard, rain, wind, heat), we offer a variety of alternative lessons including lectures (unmounted sessions). Rides are generally held if at all possible, but you will be notified in the event of lesson cancellation and rescheduling.


FULLY LEASED (Unavailable)

Breed: Haflinger

Sex: Mare

Height: 14.2 hands 

Disciplines: Western and English

Sports: Trail riding, extreme trail course, team penning and sorting cattle, goat roping, mounted shooting, 4-H & open fun shows, jumping. 

Freyja is our resident sassy haffie. She has done guided trail rides, lessons, fun shows, extreme trail competition, cattle events, therapy riding, jumping, and has carried flags in parades for veteran events and presented flags at rodeo opening ceremonies. She has gone just about everywhere and done everything with us! She has a fire to her and is great for kids or adults.