!!! ​Johnson & Washington Counties !!!

Low Income Scholarships Now Available!

Learning to ride a horse is not always feasible option for some families, income-levels, or situations.If you or someone you know is applicable for low-income sponsorship, PLEASE contact us on their or your behalf! 

Now posted online! Send in your applications asap! If you qualify for low-income summer camp assistance, you will get up to $250 per child to attend a camp or activity (Which we are well qualified for!) 

I will do an 8-week riding lesson package for $250; Normally $320 (which they will cover completely!!!)

Application for Summership Program: Click Here

Please fill out this form and send it in with your summership application; Click Here

Trisha Smith is the contact with the United Way Summerships program this year if you have any questions. Please get your applications in right away before the grant runs out!

United Way Summerships